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Data Structures & Algorithms and CS Fundamentals

Everything I collected from the how to the where in one article.

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·Sep 17, 2022·

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Data Structures & Algorithms and CS Fundamentals

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Table of contents

The aim of this write-up is NOT to replace roadmaps or other guides available out there. I was getting many messages asking about similar things and it was a mess to reply to each and every one. That is why I thought of compiling everything and present in a better format.

Computer Science Fundamentals

It does not matter if you are a university graduate, BootCamp student, or self-taught developer you should know the following subjects in order to build a fine base for your software engineering journey.

Database Management System

Problem Solving and Languages

If you are already familiar with any language of your choice, you can skip to this section.


  1. Start by learning basic DSA
  2. Solve the 100 most liked list from LeetCode
  3. Start solving topic-wise and level-wise questions
  4. Once you feel like you have leveled up (you will know it), solve LeetCode cards
  5. Take notes about what DS/Algo is useful for a particular situation and notice patterns, do not spend too much time taking notes

Some advice to keep in mind

image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png

Thanks for reading, the next resource article would be related to development ONLY. If I missed any good resources then hit me up on Twitter. I cannot mention everything in one article so these are the ones I have personally studied from. There is a lot of reading material like notes and documentation which I will not share. That is for you to figure out.

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